Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs In The World

With the increasing technology, new jobs are being created in various sectors. In order to get the jobs in those categories, you need a skill sets that befits into that particular class. When the discussion is on the jobs, then the most crucial aspect regarding the top 10 highest paying jobs makes its presence in the minds of job seekers. Even though, there are jobs that require no skills, but the salary pertaining to such jobs is less as compared to the white color jobs. Many have tried to find good jobs that pay well, but some have gained success whereas some have settled with some low paying jobs. One has to understand that finding the highest paid job in the world is not that difficult but the working conditions and the environment too is very important for the well-being of an employee. So, taking up all these things seriously one has to choose the job accordingly.

Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs – A Career Options That Leverage Inherent Desires To Achieve Greater Heights

top 10 highest paying jobs that are good

Yes, the most seemingly difficult job is to find out the handsomely paying job from which one set his/her futuristic dreams. But, one has to be strong in all the terms in order to get his/her desired job, so in such cases the person should be acquainted with the industry needs and technologies. If you can groom yourself with magnificent traits and attributes, then searching and gaining a well-paying job is very easy. Once you get into all these aspects, then you will enjoy the rest of your work life.

1. Principal Head Of An Organization

In this category, the CEOs, CXOs, Founders and Co-Founders and other such people who are in high places take their positions. With the average non-taxable pay of £107,703 and the pay range lying between £25,953 and £136,779, the job offers a median salary of around £75,237 annually. As far as education qualification is concerned, one need to have an MBA degree from a good or a world class university followed by a minimum of 25-30 years of experience. In addition to this, an influential family connection is advantageous to get the job with much ease. The jobs of these kinds are going to experience a negative growth of about 8.4 percent in the days to come. The job involves a busy schedule where one has to attend lots of meetings, engage with domestic and international clients for extending the business strategies and many more such things on that line. In this type of jobs, the weight to qualification is much less but the attitude and experience plays a very important role. However, on the other hand, the job allows one to utilize his intellectual faculty to a maximum extent where he gets to learn lots of things in parallel.

2. Aircraft Pilots

With the capability of paying £90,146 non-taxable salary to employees followed by £66,178 to £97,598 ranging pay scale, the sector offers the median pay of around £90,534 annually. Most preferably the people employed in this sector will be flying instructors or flight engineers; the attracting part of this job is you are allowed to take the glimpse of the things above the ground that is very much unlike the job on ground. Contrary to this, checking the safety of the aircraft in all the types of weather conditions is essential, and that has to be followed by pre-flight examination during high breeze condition or when it is raining heavily. This industry is going to see a positive growth of about 12.5 percent in the times to come. In order to get through this job, one has to qualify in the training course of commercial aircraft flying. A fluent english and five GCSEs is enough to become eligible to enroll for the course in some of the aviation training institutions, and that differs from one to another. The cost of training in very expensive in United Kingdom which shall be around £100,000, however, a person is going to get £23,000 starting salary if employed.

3. Marketing Directors

Marketing of the products involves a lot of behind the scene work where one has to take count of the communications, innovation, creativity, customer insights, sales and may more such things. The person needs to create a value for his/her business by utilizing all the available factors and make them work together to advantage the organization. This job comes with the onus; where one need to juggle with several stakeholders who are involved in projecting contradictory views and opinions on how the marketing and sales should be carried out and many such ideas. In the maximum cases, you have to compromise with those people. The industry has a potential for paying £82,962 (without tax) salary, however the salary ranges from £16,959 to £103,871. The median salary would be around £66,452 annually. Getting into the industry is not that strenuous, a minimum of degree followed by a little bit of experience is enough, but initially you will be hired as graduate trainee in order to make you learn about the work. The marketing jobs are likely to see a negative growth of 2.4 percent in the next few days.

4. Information Technologists

With the annual salary ranging from £24,266 to £83,023 and a median salary of about £61,423, the industry is going to see a positive growth of 23.7 percent in future. However, the sector is capable of paying on an average £80,215 (non-taxable amount). Mainly CIOs and telecommunication directors have to exercise their knowledge to teach technology to their counterparts who do not understand technology and they have to take up risks of investing in uncertain things but often they have to manage the budget. Implementation of IT into the company is an essential thing for the directors. A telecommunication engineering degree and an MBA will be helpful in gaining this job.

5. Financial Directors

A person with financial background can be able to get this job, but he has to understand the demands of his clients and the risks involved with finance because the banks and their loans may be wrongly used to cause disadvantage to the bank. The industry holds the capacity to grow by 7.2 percent in the days ahead and is the best option where one can get on an average £78,782 salary without tax.

6. PROs (Public Relationship Officers)

In this sector, mainly the heads of media houses and advertising directors take due credit with an average salary of £77,619. With the growth rate of 23.4+ percent, the sector requires a candidate with analytical thinking and good communication (fluent english) and a strong passion for pursuing career in the same line. A person needs to understand the changing trends and always remain updated with the things around the world. A person with experience as PR, communication officer and spokesperson can fetch this job easily.

7. Chief Financial Officers (CFOs)

Getting qualified in the professional accounting exam or a degree in financial domain makes you eligible for this job. An employee can get a annual pay of around £76,320, the best thing about this job is you need to leverage your business while increasing the value and profit for your organization, but you have to jiggle in managing the budgets.

8. Air Traffic Controllers

With the Nat and five GCSEs, one can get this job; primarily air traffic controlling operations involve controlling of air-crafts depending on the convenient weather conditions. And in the harsh environment, they have to be keen in performing their duties perfectly. A person can get, on an average of £75,416 salary per annum because the sector is growing by 9.4+ percent.

9. Rail Engineers

The person can get a salary of around £74,402 annually because the sector is expected to stem by 7.5+ percent in the days to come. A basic engineering degree is essential for this job, but this job exposes the employee to critical conditions of built up structures and ongoing projects where one may have to involve in doing jobs repetitively.

10. Company Lawyers

These types of jobs are going to increase by 7.5+ percent in coming days while providing an average salary of £73,425 annually. In this category of jobs, a person has to be learned and updated with all the matters pertaining to the company and the rules associated. One vital thing is that, you get exposed to crucial laws at an early stage of our career, but you have to wait for the results of your endeavors that may or may not be recognized. A degree or masters in law can help you fetch this job.