How To Make Your Boy-friend Want You More Than Ever?

Tensed because of the feeling that you are not getting enough attention that you expect from your boyfriend? Want to catch the eye of that love of your life?

Here in this article on how to make your boyfriend want you more, we are giving a few tips which you like to use whether you are trying to catch the attention of the handsome guy you keep admiring secretly or winning back your love’s attention back.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You More?

How To Make Your Boyfriend Want You More

Step 1 By Building Love Through Actions

By Finding A Balance In Your Relation

Balance and relationship are like two sailors on one boat. To control the boat you have to keep a balance between them. Good balance will help your relation be in a good state, and your boyfriend would not feel suffocated. Do not make your love a routine work; enjoy your life and let him enjoy his. If Friday is for movies, sometimes switch it off to go karting or some adventurous thing. Also, love and lust are different but in some ways are common too. So, satisfy your desires but ensure that your partner’s is fulfilled too. Do not always speak, listen him too.

By Making Your Sure Your Boyfriend Has Time To Yourself

Boys like independence, so give them their free space and time. Do not always force themselves upon them and your views and ideas too. Keep your trust on him and let’s wonder him with his friends. That will make him more close to you. Guys like being trusted not being watched all the time.

By Doing Something Spontaneous That Shows Your Love Towards Him

Think about the things that your boyfriend likes and love to do. Gift him things but not from market but by prepared by your hand only. Do not tell him and surprise him by planning a vacation for him. That would be the best to impress him. Also, you can do things like booking tickets of his favorite match or take him to amusement park or on trekking.

By Hanging Out With The Boys Sometimes

Boyfriends love those kinds of girls who love to chill out with his friends too. So, be comfortable in boys’ group too, let loose, have fun and crack jokes with them. Mingling with his friends and being flirty has a very thin line, so maintain that line carefully.

By Leaving A Thoughtful Short Note In His Shirt Pocket Or Lunch Box

Pen down your thoughts that are straight from your heart and put that chit in your lover’s pocket or in lunch kit. Also, do not write too long and do not always expect to get a reply back from him or a chit. May be he has something else in his mind for you. So, have patience and wait and watch.

By Making A Date And Going Somewhere You Can Relax And Talk Together

Go for dinner or just for a drive, let know your love that how important he is for you, what you feel about him and why your life is incomplete without him. Also, listen to him; get to know his points too. Clear things if something is needed. You can also go for a boat ride or visit a zoo places where you can come closer.

Step 2 By Going The Extra Mile

By Showing A Little Surprise Action

Give him surprise hug and kisses, things that you would not generally do. You can also impress him by wearing his favorite dress. It will show him that you love and respect his choices. Also, compliment him time to time not only for his looks but for his nature and behavior too.

By Giving Him A Long Kiss Once A Day

Give him a feeling of warmth at least once a day and decorate his lips with your love. Kiss him on his different body parts and show him your different moods through them. We are not sure you know or not, but a kiss on the neck or on the back is the sign of intimidation. Get ready for that moment too. Kiss him gently, boys like girls when they see into their eyes while kissing. Give him a gentle and soft look.

By Giving Him A Long Hug Once In A While

Do not use a timer and hug him as long as you want. Whisper lovely and sexy words in his ears while hugging. Also, you can pat his back.

By Wearing Short And Sexy Dresses Sometimes

Be sexy, especially when you two are spending time in private. Buy some sexy dresses and show him your beautiful body. Let him realize that he still turns you up and the vice versa.  Enjoy sensuous scenes together and apply it to your own also.

By Ensuring That You Are Always There For Him In Person

Ensure that your relationship is grounded in real life interactions, not on virtual world only. Meet up regularly; talk as much as you can on phone and yes, one important thing that if you are getting comfortable with him in the very beginning, there is nothing wrong in that. It just means that you value him from the very first day.

By Playing Hooky Together

Take a leave together and you can do unexpected things, like recording some music or spying on your boss, etc. to have fun together.  Enjoy as much as you can that day and forget about the rest of the world.

By Writing Him A Short Poem

If you are a little creative, try this, this will surely work out. Write short poems for him and if you know to play any musical instrument, it is like cherry on the cake. Do these like these and one thing is guaranteed that he would never manage to fall away from you.

Some Important Tips:

–    Always make eye contact with him.

–    Do not shy from him and be open to him.

–    Show him by your gestures that you trust him most in this world.

–    Always be nice and calm to him.

–    Be there for him when he needs you and always compliment him for his capabilities.