How Much Do Beats Cost?

Nowadays people love listening songs. There are now numerous artists available in the entire musical industry than ever. With the increasing fondness of the genres like trance, hip hop, etc. people today demand more and more bass in the songs, especially for the parties and other kind of celebrations. Moreover, now, people love to listen songs during their work also. Various studies have shown that people who listen to their favorite playlists while working, perform better in their work and have the greater efficiency in their productivity. Seeing all these things, more and more headphone companies have come into the market and launching the quality headphones. You can easily find a wide range of headphones that can fit into the pocket of the people with all types of budget. Despite of having numerous companies in the market, only some of them could have made their mark in the headphones’ market. Some of them are Sennheiser, Sony, Philips, Bose, Beats and some more. These are some of the toughest competitors in the headphone industry. Every company has launched the competing products that give excellent sound qualities but in this article, we will look into the Beats headphones and their details.

how much do beats cost

Before looking into the type and price of the Beats headphones, let’s acquaint ourselves a little about the company who manufactures these beautiful headphones. Many of you might not know, but the Beats Electronics is the division of Apple which generally manufactures the products of music and audio. The Beats Electronics’ headquarters are situated in the Culver City, California, U.S. This company was co-founded in the year 2006, by the hip hop producer and rapper Dr. Dre and the former Interscope Geffen A&M Records chairman, Jimmy Lovine. The product of the subsidiary is primarily the line of wide range of headphones and the speakers. Previously, the Beats’ original product line was manufactured with the partnership with the AV equipment company known as the Monster Cable Products. Recently in 2014, the Beats Electronics has expanded into the market of online music with the launch of its subscription-based streaming service with the launch of its subscription based streaming service that is known as the Beats music service.


Beats is a world renowned company in making various audio instruments. Let’s look what they have got under their hood.

Personal Audio

Dr. Dre headphones are the Beats’ personal and original product. In the promotional materials, Dr. Dre outlined the line’s advantages by alleging that listeners were not able to hear “all” of the music with most of the headphones. Hence, Beats will allow people to hear what an artist hear and listen to the music the way they must. When compared to other headphones, Beats’ products were characterized by an emphasis towards producing larger amounts of bass and also particularly optimized towards hip-hop and pop music. In the year 2012, Beats, for the first time unveiled its first two self-developed products, these two products are the Beats Executive noise-cancelling headphones, so that they can directly compete with the other famous headphone brands that include, Bose and Sennheiser. The second personal product was the Beats Pill, these are the portable speakers with an awesome sound quality.

Beats Audio

This is the licensed name of the Beats brand. The Beats audio and technology is licensed for the other manufacturers. For example, in the year 2009, HP started offering the personal computers that are fitted with the Beats Audio systems. The name of that product was the HP Envy Line. These systems also feature a software equalizer with a preset that HP marketed as being optimized for high quality sound output.

Beats Music

To start an end to end music experience, Beats acquired the online music service MOG on July 2, 2012. In a report, Beats mentioned that they have done the deal in between $10 to $16 millions. However, in this acquisition, the MOG Music Network’s blog and advertising was not included, and it was separately sold to the broadcasting company Townsquare Media in the month of August 2012.

Moreover, on June 8, 2015, Apple has announced about the Apple Music and has planned to integrate the Beats Music into iOS’s Music app as well as iTunes. The service will have a free tier and it will also include all of the iTunes radio services, viewing artists’ pages in a new social media like setting, as well as the Beats 1 Radio. Beats 1 Radio will include music mixed by the live DJs as opposed to an algorithm. If a person pays $9.99, then he will have the complete access, along with the access to comment on artists’ pages and stream most of the iTunes’ and Beats’ streaming libraries, that also both online and offline.

Costs Of Beats Headphones

There are wide varieties of the headphones that Beats’ Electronics manufacture. As compared to other famous brands and normal brands, the headphones of the Beats’ Electronics are a little costly. However, if they have a higher cost, then they also have an awesome sound quality, better than anyone, bass, treble and you can listen to all the detailed piece of music in their headphones. If you will use the Beats’ headphones, you will definitely have soothing listening experience, a great quality of music, no matter what is the quality of the song, its music or any other thing. The only thing that is true is that you will not be disappointed with the head that are manufactured by the Beats Electronics.

If we talk about the cost of headphones in general, the cost of making a fancy headset can be as low as $14. However, the cost of the cheapest headphone that is available on the Beats Electronics website is $199.99 and the most expensive pair retails for around $699.99.