How Many Credits Is An Associate Degree?

Education is that one factor that is playing a major role in shaping our world. It is taking our world towards the brighter future and making all the people living on the planet earth better citizens. Therefore, you should never stop educating yourself, no matter what your age is. When it comes to the question of educating yourself, the world and requirement has changed completely. With advancements in technologies and awareness among the people, the world has become more and more competitive than ever before. So, merely going to high school or earning a graduate degree will not do the work for you. If you want to be a successful person, you will have to stand out of the crowd, you will have to do something unique that not all the people are doing/have done till now. Then only you will be able to reach to the greater heights. Therefore, to stand out of the crowd and increase your job prospects, going for an associate’s degree is a good option. Now you might be thinking, what is an associate degree? What is the use of associate degree? How can you get the associate degree? And most importantly, do you know you require how many credits is an associate degree – But do not worry, in this article, all your answers have been given in detail. So, just sit back, relax and acquaint yourself with all the details you need to acquire the associates’ degree.

how many credits in an associate degree

What Is An Associate Degree?

Before moving into the greater details of Associate Degree, let’s have a brief look and try to understand, what exactly is associate degree? If defined technically, an associate degree is a type of academic program that is taken at the undergraduate level of studies, just after completing your secondary school. The primary aim of the associate degree is to give a firm base or foundation of technical and academic knowledge so that the students pursuing it may have superb career opportunities in their future and their chosen fields.

If you are planning to go for an associate degree, then the United States is the place where you must go. It is one of the most common places around the world that gives the associate degree to the students, whether from the U.S. or even international students. Apart from the US, there are numerous other countries offering the associate degree; some of them include, Canada, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and even Australia. Numerous other countries provide the associate degrees to the national and international students, however, the name for the degree they give is different from the associate degree, but have the almost same curriculum and way of teaching as the associate degrees in the countries described above.

If we look into the US, you can get associate’s degrees in numerous colleges, which also include the community colleges, junior colleges and even some of the technical colleges. All of these colleges are affiliated to the universities and university institutes. The minimum time duration to complete an associate’s degree is around two years.

There are two kinds of students; those go for an associate’s degree. The first type are those who want to prepare for their bachelor’s degree by gaining a basic technical and academic knowledge from these programs, and others are those who want to increase their job prospects and open up the gates of new and exciting field of jobs.

What Are The Different Types Of Associate’s Degree?

Officially, there are four types of associate degrees, and their names are:

• Associate of Applied Arts (AAA)
• Associate of Arts (AA)
• Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
• Associate of Science (AS)

So, these are the four associate degrees from which you can choose according to your convenience. Now, you may be thinking what are the differences among these associate degrees. The answer to this question lies in the word ‘applied’. If an associate degree is followed by the word applied, then that course is more detailed and focuses primarily in preparing the students for that particular field. It also consists of more practical vocational skills, and on the other hand the other degrees, namely AS and AA, target more on the side for the students who want to pursue bachelors after completing their associate degree. So, these are some of the most important differences between all types of degrees, that you must remember, so that when applying for the Associate degrees you do not get confused.

What Are The Career Prospects With An Associate Degree?

As mentioned above that, there are four types of associate degrees for which you can go, and hence according to the degrees the job prospects vary. The job openings solely depend on your associate degree and your area of interest and specialization. There are numerous highly paid jobs available in the market that you can get directly after completing the course. Some of the highly paid jobs that accept the graduates with these degrees include construction management, dental hygienist, engineering and operations technician, air traffic controller, physical therapist and legal assistant.

If you are planning to go for a bachelor’s after your associate degree, then it means that you are opening even more doors for yourself in the field of jobs. Moreover, if you are planning for a bachelor’s then going for the associate degrees those have applied in their initials is an excellent option.

How Many Credits Is An Associate Degree?

Completing an associate degree is not an easy task. You need to complete at least 60-semester credits of study or around 90 quarter credits of study to earn an associate degree. It equals around twenty courses that a college can offer. Most of the associate degrees are being awarded through the private career colleges and even by some of the public community colleges.