How Long Does A Spray Tan Last?

When you are thinking of spending your money on a spray tan, then you are going to be curious enough to observe the effect and its lasting period. How long does a spray tan last? or how long do spray tans last? or how to prepare for a spray tan? are some of the peculiar questions that have been answered in the next few lines. You don’t have to pay any sum of money to get rid of it in less time. The effect of the spray tan lasts for four to seven days. However, you can follow several steps to extend the lifespan of the spray colors.

How Long Does A Spray Tan Last

The skin is consisting of two different layers; that is the inner and the outer layer. The spray tan works on the outer layer. Here, the old and dead cells are continuously replaced to allow the fresh skin to popup. The main ingredient of the spray is dihydroxyacetone or DHA. When you spray on the outer layer, the DHA reacts with an outer skin, and subsequently the color starts fading. And this is the main reason, why the tanning color starts fading in a short interval of time because the replacement of the dead skin is a continuous process. In the end, we will be losing skin cells in millions of numbers.  The spray tans last as long as your skin lasts. There are multiple brands that claim the long lasting tanning solutions or make a semi-presence. However, it is not physically possible to allow the color to stay after a certain time.

 How To Delay Fading of Spray Tan Color?

With the spray tanning application, the user would expect the color to remain for a longer duration, but here are some of the techniques that help you in color fading with delay.

  • Prior applying the spray tan, you should take the bath. This process helps you in removing the dead cells, but for this you have to make use of the sponge and scrub that would make the skin sparkling and smooth. You will become free from the dead cells after some time. The tan spray falls on the fresh and young skin.
  • You should avoid using the cosmetics that block your skin pores. This includes the lotions, perfumes, makeup and more. The absorption of the DHA by skin improves if you go without these products.
  • After the tanning process on the body, it has to be allowed for ten to fifteen minutes. During this process, avoid wearing clothes or touching any of the body parts. If you rub the tan applied areas, the retention of the spray will not last for longer duration.
  • One should avoid the bath for eight to ten hours after the application of the tan. Apart from this, you need to stay away from the extreme make-up or exfoliate.
  • Try to keep the skin under the moisturized condition, just after the application of the tan. This will prevent the dead skin falling in a fast manner and it also helps in retaining the color.
  • With the prior experience of the spray application on the skin, the longevity of the skin can be determined. The skin is different on all of them, but the tan will stay for a long time on some when compared to the people in similar conditions. If you have the prior experience with respect to the tan effect, then you can subsequently look for the appointments with saloon personnel to help your the skin look more glowing.

If your skin is pale, then you have to accept it out rightly and then try to find out the right solution. Some may feel that if they go towards the beach, they experience the excitement. With that process, certain color can be gained gradually. There exists nothing then being the pale person on the sand. When you hear the stories of the effects related to the natural tanning and tanning beds, there are only a few options on your side to gain the summer glow. And this is the reason, why people turn out to the tan spray in the summer.  The spray tan is not going to fix the problem in a fast phased manner.  Given to your efforts in retaining the spray, the tan may last for few weeks.

Go For A Suitable Tan

The skin experts after analyzing the looks, skin color, and more decide on suggesting the right natural formula to resolve the skin problem. Using the lighter formula on a face will help you in receiving the larger part of the sunlight and in appearance it will be darker as compared to the other parts of the body. A customized tan includes toning and contouring.

Your sudden appearance in front of your dear ones can scare them due to your quick transformation. The judging of the color is unwelcome until and unless you take the shower. The usage of tan is just a start, but some of the people would try to retain the color for a longer time. By using multiple products, such as exfoliators, cleansers, and self-tanners, the life of the spray tan can be extended.


When your skin is under the hydrated condition, the tan looks better.  The ingredients of the shower crème include Mediterranean oils, aloe vera and more that helps in cleansing the skin and also help in preparing self-tanner application. The rejuvenation of the spray tan happens by this process. Similar to the gel application, you need to apply the spray tan, and you have to lather it nicely during a shower.