How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions are the new craze among the ladies. It’s just everywhere. They magically transform your dull eyes enlightening them with a touch of finesse and style. This article will shed light on this new fab fashion accessory that adorns your eyes. Making them look luscious and irresistible. Read ahead if you want to know the answer to how long do eyelash extensions last?

What is an eyelash extension?

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last

It is highly unlikely that you ladies to be unaware of the lash extensions. But, if you aren’t aware of what it is. Here is your best answer. Eyelash extensions are artificial extensions that are attached to your natural eyelashes. They give a fuller appearance to your natural eyelashes by making them look thick and fuller. The method of applications varies. You can apply in strips, clusters or individually attaching each fiber (hair to hair). The hair can be made of a variety of material such as silk, mink or synthetic hair. The type of lashes can be temporary or permanent.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?
Temporary lashes are attached to the hair with non-permanent glue that is meant to last a short period of time (1-2 days). Take necessary precautions to not rudely rub your eyes. Do not use oil based make upon your eyes either. The oil will not help the glue bond well with the natural hair. Hence, you will lose the hair sooner than you predicted it would last.

Permanent lashes on the other hand will last a longer period (3-4 weeks). It is attached to each strand of your natural hair with FDA approved glue that is to be particularly applied to the ends of each natural hair. Do not apply the glue to your eyelids or anywhere else. It may not be skin friendly. There could be a risk of irritation or inflammation. Irrespective of the type of lash extensions you use, take necessary precautions to keep your eyes looking happy. Do not engage in activities like swimming, showering, or sleeping without taking sufficient precaution. It may accelerate the shedding of artificial hair extension. Also, resist your temptation to rub them and avoid using mascara.

Eyelash extensions come in a variety of unique characteristics too. It is one of the few fashion accessories that can be customized as per your requirement. Whether it is the length, color, thickness, au natural, or insanely dramatic types, you have unending varieties to suit your description of perfect lashes.

To ensure a fuller look of your lashes, it is mandatory that you repeat the refill regularly. Else, it may look untidy and patchy if you apply once and ignored it.

But, here is an important perk of using the lash extension. Most lash extensions are water proof and will give the wearer the appearance of having worn mascara. But just hold on! Lash extension isn’t for those who train their attention to the mere mention of budget service. It is a pricey process and if spending lavishly for your beauty isn’t a concern, then it is exclusively meant for you.

Each session of the lash application will set you back by $ 500. Occasionally, you may be able to find a salon where it can be done at a cheaper price ($ 100). The other factors that contribute to the cost of the lash extensions are the type and quality of the lashes used. If you prefer to use permanent lashes, it will cost you more. Even the qualification of the cosmetician will vastly influence the pricing. The entire attachment process can be completed in 2 hours. You will need to refill those lashes every 3-4 weeks to have a consistent layering.

The “But” Factor

Unsurprisingly, there is always a con to using the cosmetic products. One of the primary reasons is that, it may not always suit all users. Some women may show allergic tendency towards the glue or the color dye that is used in the lashes. Watch out for poly-nylon blend material that is used to manufacture the lashes. It is known to cause several types of infections as the bacteria can reside in the gap of each hair strand. These bacteria can foster till they are capable of leading to other complications.

Tips To Care For Eye Lash Extension

1. Sleep On The Back

It will take a day for the glue to start healing. Hence, it is important that you do not needlessly touch the freshly attached eyelash extensions. While sleeping it becomes hard to stick to the thoughts of positioning yourself on your back. But, if you wish to have properly attached extensions, you will need to bear the slight discomfort of sleeping on your back.

2. Use Oil Free Make Up Remover

When you attempt removing the excess make up from the face, you must do it in a careful manner. Do not use oil based make up remover. Also, do not use the cotton rolls or puffs to remove the makeup from around the eyes.

You may risk the chance of damage to the eyelash extensions and the cotton fibers can be tangled in your lashes. Certainly not cute! It is recommended to use makeup remover towelettes.

3. Lubricate The Extensions Sufficiently

A well-oiled lash extension will last a prolonged period. They may not look the best when they are ignored or left dry. Use baby oil or olive oil to gently smoothen them.

4. Combing Is Essential

You can prevent those awkwardly looking wonky eyelashes that are unkempt. Using a spoolie wand, you can gently roll them over the eyelashes. It will keep them well behaved.

5. Do Not Play With Your Lashes

It may seem a natural tendency being a woman, to play with your hair or lashes. Unless you want them off, do not attempt touching them under any circumstances. If you needlessly touch them, you could lose your natural lashes along with the extensions as well.

It is easier to have the eyelash extensions done. However, it is hard to maintain them if you cannot spare attention towards them. You will need to take precautions and take good care of them, if you intend to have long adorable eyelashes.